EP-08 皇家黑魚子胜肽膠原緊緻眼膜 60pc



EP-08 ⚜️皇家黑魚子胜肽膠原緊緻眼膜 60pc 🔹去黑退腫🔹膠原增生🔹緊緻眼周 ⚜️ 這款升級版黑魚子胜肽膠原眼膜, 可提升眼部肌膚, 淡化眼袋和細紋, 緊致眼周肌膚, 防止潛在細紋形成, 同時減退浮腫和消除黑眼圈, 迅速驅走疲態, 回復精神光彩! ⚫ Royal Caviar 皇室黑魚子系列是歐洲愛沙尼亞逆齡研發團隊的抗衰老護膚產品中的傑作。團隊採用含有高端科技製造和獲得多項專利的獨有逆齡配方, 融合了可促進細胞修復和膠原蛋白增生的黑魚子提取物和被認定為新一代強效抗皺皇牌的肽複合物, 配合具有獨特恢復能力和再生特性的有機和野生極地植物提取物, 以及強效保濕的活性成分等所產生的協同作用, 為您提供尖端的逆齡抗皺解決方案. ⚫ 皇家黑魚子胜肽膠原緊致眼膜成份 : 🟣 Beluga尊貴鱘魚子 (黑魚子) 萃取物 - 具有獨特的逆齡生長特性. 富含豐富蛋白質和氨基酸, 可增加膠原蛋白密度, 有效撫平皺紋, 並且強化膚質, 讓肌膚回復彈性和飽滿 🟣 毒蛇胜肽 - 可緩和形成皺紋的緊張肌肉, 減少表情紋的明顯度, 防止潛在皺紋和細紋出現 🟣 雪石蕊提取物 - 富含有松蘿酸, 修復皮膚細胞, 有效延緩衰老過程 🟣 鎖水磁石 - 長效深鎖水72小時, 深層滋潤肌膚, 有效減少亁燥 🟣 透明質酸 (玻尿酸) - 增加皮膚中的水分含量, 減少皺紋的出現 ⚫ 使用方法:可貼在眼部下方(如有需要亦可貼在明顯皺紋處使用)。約待15分鐘,使用後丟棄。避免直接接觸眼睛。將剩餘的精華輕輕拍打到皮膚上。適合每天使用。 🇪🇪 生產地 : 歐洲, 愛沙尼亞 👍🏻 全部授權正品 🌿 自設歐洲有機認證農場 🚚 自設歐洲生產製造廠房 ❗️ 使用前請参閱包裝上的成分和說明

Product Details


⚜️ Royal Caviar Lifting & Firming Peptide Eye Patch 60pc


⚜️ These hydrogel eye patches are a perfect treatment for the delicate eye area. Based on beluga caviar extract, peptide SYN-AKETM, snow cladonia extract, PENTAVITINTM and hyaluronic acid, they help to brighten dark circles, strengthen, tone and lifts the skin, while reducing puffiness.

⚫ The luxurious Natura Siberica Royal Caviar collection is a real masterpiece among the anti-age skincare products. It blends the unique properties of exquisite beluga caviar with high-end innovative peptide complex and powerful organic Siberian plants extracts to offer you a cutting-edge anti-wrinkle solution.

⚫ Exclusive ingredients :

🟣 Beluga Caviar extract – have unique rejuvenating properties. Loaded with proteins and amino acids, Caviar extract effectively smooths out wrinkles and reduces skin sagging by increasing collagen density.

🟣 Mymic-Fix Peptide A myorelaxant relaxes tense muscles and reduces the depth of expression lines, preventing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines

🟣 Snow Cladonia extract – contains rare usnin acid, actively restores skin cells and effectively slows down the aging process

🟣 72H Aqua-Bond Complex - It can stay in the water for 72 hours and deeply moisturize the skin

🟣 Hyaluronic Acidincreases moisture levels in the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Directions :  Apply patches to under-eye area. Leave for about 15 minutes, discard after use. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Gently pat any leftover serum into your skin. Follow with antioxidant eye cream. Suitable for everyday use.


👍🏻 All products are authorized goods 

🇪🇪 Made in Estonia, Europe 

🌿 Own self organic farm in Europe 

🚚 Own self factory for manufacturing in Europe 

❗️ Please check the ingredients and instructions on the package before use 

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